All defined terms used below shall have the meanings set forth in our Terms and Conditions. See here.

Order Cancellations

Orders that you submit online are processed immediately and may not be cancelled, and you may need to wait until you receive the ZingalBox Server in order to cancel it.

For ZingalBox Package, cancellation request is acceptable only if informed before three hour of delivery timing of your server.

ZingalBox is not responsible when:

a. The services or goods provided by the Merchant including, but not limited, serving of food orders suiting your requirements and needs;
b. The Merchant’s services or goods not being up to your expectations or leading to any loss, harm or damage to you;
c. The availability or unavailability of certain items on the menu; or
d. The Merchant serving the incorrect orders.

But ZingalBox is responsible to help customer at some extents.

Refund Policy

Agreement of refund policy is held in between you as a user and ZingalBox Server as a client. ZingalBox do not take any fee in between.

ZingalBox is only responsible in initiating the request and connecting Server with you. However, ZingalBox doesn't garuntee you the refund.

Refunds are only processed when booking receipt is forwarded and reason is considered for refund is rare. Reason is again dependend on the understanding of ZingalBox Server.